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                                                  Vets Can Enlist for Research


 Veterans are signing up to serve again-but this time the focus is on better health care. • The Million Veteran Program, sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Research and Development, has a $19.8 million budget to research how genes affect the health and illnesses of those who have served in the armed forces . • More than 25,000 vets have signed up so far-and the VA hopes to hit the 1 million mark within seven years .• 'We will customize treatments for conditions that affect veterans;' says Joel Kupersmith, M.D., the VNs chief research officer, and study "whether there are underlying genetic factors that contribute to disorders:' • Volunteers must provide blood samples and complete health questionnaires at one of the nation's 40 VA health centers. The samples are tested for DNA and other genetic characteristics. Procedures are in place to protect participants' privacy . • For more information, call 1-866-441-6075 toll-free. -Todd Beamon

• WWII veterans and other vets are sought for a VA health care study.



Upcoming Changes to the Post  9/11 GI- Bill


Effective March 5, 2011

.Limits active duty members to the net cost for tuition and fees prorated based on the eligibility tiers (40%-100%) previously established for Veterans.


Same limitations apply to transferee spouses of active duty service members

Effective August 1, 2011

• For Veterans and their transferees - simplifies the tuition and fee rates for those attending a public school and creates a national maximum for those enrolled in a private or foreign school

                .  Pays all public school in-state tuition and fees;


Private and foreign school costs are capped at $17,500 annually;

                     . The Yellow Ribbon Program still exists for out-of-state fees and costs above the ·cap.

-For Active Duty Members and their transferees - creates a national rate for those active duty members enrolled in a private or foreign school pursuing a degree

                         Pays all public school in-state tuition and fees;


 Private and foreign school costs are capped at $17,500 annually

·Allows VA to pay MGIB (chapter 30) and MGIB-SR (chapter 1606) 'kickers', or college fund payments, on a monthly basis instead of a lump sum at the beginning of the term

.Prorates housing allowance by the student's rate of pursuit (rounded to the nearest tenth]

                     A  student training at a rate of pursuit of 75% would receive 80% of the BAH rate

-Break or interval pay is no longer payable under any VA education benefit program unless under an Executive Order of the President or due to an emergency, such as a natural disaster or strike.


o· This means that when your semester ends (e.g. December 15th), your housing allowance is paid for the first 15 days of December only and begins again when your next semester begins ( e.g. January 10th) and is paid for the remaining days 

of January.















Students using other V A education programs are included in this change.




Monthly benefits will be pro-rated in the same manner.