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     In the aerial view, the (2) front and right side red points of the large star contain 4x8 and 8x8 inscribed bricks of living and deceased veterans. So far they contain 185 (4x8) and 85 (8x8) Inscribed bricks that we have sold.



     The red point directly behind U.S. flag contains the 8x8 bricks inscribed with the names of the veterans from the area that were killed in action or died while in service.



     The red point on the left side contain 4x8 and 8x8  “Thank You Vets” bricks purchased by people who had no family veteran to honor. We have sold 25 of these.



     The outer gray ring contains the 12x12 inscribed bricks. We have sold 102 of these inscribed bricks.  In this outer ring, at the base of each of the ( 6) service flags, is a red brick with the flag pole donor's name inscribed.



     The center granite pentagon (with U.S. flag) is inscribed honoring all veterans from the New Holstein area.


On the back side are inscribed the logos of the (6) branches of service matching the service flag poles.  The Memorial is 46 feet in diameter.



     The Memorial Fund Raising started on Memorial Day of 2007, and dedication of the completed Memorial was on Labor Day of 2008.  In those 15 months we raised over $75,000, a tribute to a city with a population of 4,000 people.



Note: The Memorial project was a combined effort of the New Holstein American Legion Post #124 and the New Holstein Lion's Club.  Should you get a chance to visit our city, the Memorial is located in Kiwanis Park, at the intersection of Van Buren St. and Hickory Lane.  


 Dedicated September 1st 2008