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Firing Squad






The Post Firing Squad was organized in the spring of 1947.  At that time the post members felt that there was a definite need for a permanent organization of this sort. Prior to this, whenever an occasion arose which called for the use of a Firing Squad, a group was hurriedly gotten together. The Fir­ing Squad consists of 13 men, divided into the Color Guard, Fir­ing Unit, and the Squad Leader. The chief functions of this vol­untary organization are:
1. To participate in military funerals for anyone in this locality who served in the armed forces of the United States.

2. To participate in the observance of all patriotic days, especially on Memorial Day when they make their annual visit to the cemeteries of  Charlesburg, Marytown, St. Anna, and New Holstein.  To conduct the proper military salute to the deceased veterans of all the wars in which this country had been engaged. 

3. To take part in parades and other programs sponsored by Civic organizations of New Holstein and the surrounding com­munities.

The people of New Holstein and the surrounding territory can be justly proud of this organization. It consists of fellows who are proud to be members of the Squad and who have given generously of their time in order to practice and take part in the various programs in which they are asked to participate.